Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag

2021-09-22 13:03

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Gist: Overall enjoyable game with good storyline. The side mission were worth it because of the rewards. Naval gameplay was excellent but slightly repetitive when boarding ships. The repetitiveness was also seen in finding all the uncharted (random locations’) chests and Abstergo Fragments.

The Good

The single player storyline and missions were thoroughly enjoyable with the twists and turns of pirate life. Characters such as Black Beard, Captain Kidd and Adéwalé are well written. The combat system is fluid and the controls are responsive. Encountered few bugs but nothing that made the game unplayable. Finding all the Mayan relics was extremely fun despite requiring a through visit to most locations.

The Bad

Finding the chests and Abstergo fragments were repetitive and so were some of the Assassins’ side missions. None of the locations were iconic. Because the gameplay is split between the sea and land, the locations have not gotten as much detail is in the previous games. At the end of the game, Edward did not feel as awesome as Altair, Ezio or Connor.